Evan’s Sourdough Starter

A few years ago Evan shared some sourdough starter with me. One of his friends had shared their’s with him. I don’t know how long he had kept it going, but It thrived in my fridge for about four years. When I began baking artisan sourdough loaves in earnest I shared some of Evan’s starter with his Aunt Laura.

The starter has to be “fed” water and flour to keep it active. In the weeks after Evan’s death and funeral I neglected my starter and it became contaminated (as evidenced by its turning orange), so I had to discard it.

A few weeks ago, Laura, having heard what happened, brought me a bit of her starter which she had managed to keep.

I made good sourdough bread in the past, but the last two loaves have been exceptional. Thanks Evan. Your dad agrees with me that today’s bread was the best I’ve ever made.

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