I delight in little surprises; vivid splashes of color in the desert, a dandelion breaking through a crack in asphalt, decorative lace on an apron, a giggle from a toddler after a tumble instead of the expected wail. I wonder if such unexpected glimpses of beauty are intrinsically linked to the Mystery of the Resurrection?

I suspect they are. I’ve noticed evidence of new life that seems linked in some way to Evan’s death. Here are some examples:

My dear friend returned to therapy because she felt she needed help to grieve Evan’s death. She’s been surprised that her grief was much deeper and is receiving helpful insights and substantial healing from childhood trauma.

Another friend came from California to Evan’s funeral because she “knew” she had to be there even though she hadn’t seen me for at least 15 years. Since then our friendship has rekindled. Doug and I were able to visit her and her family, and she has returned to the practice of her Catholic faith.

In July one of Evan’s army friends and his wife gave birth to their third son and named him Walker Evan in honor of our Evan who is also our third son. Watching the love Garret and Lindsey have for each other and for their children has brought Doug and me much joy.

Evan’s rafting friends surprised me with this video which I saw for the first time the evening of his funeral. I have viewed it countless times since and it brings me comfort to see his river days. I hope you like it too.

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