Family & Laughter

Last night Doug treated me to an evening of fun in Prescott. We enjoyed a romantic meal and a glass of wine before finding seats in the amphitheater at Highlands Center for Natural History. Some expressed surprise that we drove over 100 miles North for a date night, but the reprieve from Phoenix heat was worth it.

It also felt extra special because my brother Lane and his wife Karla played the leading roles in the play and the delightful energy between them bolstered the integrity of both the pathos and comedy of the play. Two of their sons also played dominant roles. The real-life brotherly tension between them enlivened an authentic portrayal of their characters too. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and laughed so hard.

This morning I woke up thinking about Lane. My “baby brother”. Doesn’t that seem a ridiculous thing to call a 59 year old man with his own grown children? Yet, that is how I first knew him.

He was born three months before my seventh birthday and from the very beginning his presence in the house calmed me. I was enchanted by him and instead of playing outdoors, preferred to watch him sleep, pat his back if he cried, or even hold him in my arms, provided our mom arranged the pillows just so.

I could, but won’t, list here numerous times through the years I’ve been grateful for Lane’s presence with me, especially when facing difficulties.

But last night was different. For the first time in my memory, Lane was the instigator (along with the rest of the cast) of so much laughter. They succeeded in making Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing really funny for a modern audience. The whole audience was laughing hard. It was just what I needed. A reprieve from heat and grief in the cool highland air with family and laughter.

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