Rejoice . . . always.

I’ve learned so much from our daughter about choosing JOY!CanaToday, which happens to be our daughter’s birthday, has been exceptionally good. I woke up just before the alarm sounded, my husband and I had an unrushed prayer time together, my boss came into my office to tell me my administrative assistant and I are both getting a small raise AND we do not have to go through performance review process this year. Plus I love my new haircut!

It’s easy to rejoice on such days. All is going well and I naturally turn to God with songs of praise.

But isn’t God every bit as close to us during moments of pain and doubt? On those days we may be more likely to turn to him with silent tears. After we’re all cried out, we can turn hearts to him in gratitude for his goodness, his unfailing mercy, and infinite love. Maybe that’s what it means to Rejoice in the Lord always.

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  1. Imelda Basurto says:

    ❤Today, I visited a really good friend of mine, as she shared her joy about her husband getting a raise at work too, I rejoiced with her own joy, not knowing I was rejoicing for something coming my way too❤ God is Great all the time!


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