Following and letting Him Lead

For the 1,176.5 miles between our former house in Phoenix and our current house in Houston I followed Doug’s big red Dodge Ram. Mostly I drove directly behind him, but there were a few times while driving on multi-lane freeways through big cities that I lost sight of the Ram and had to talk myself down from panic until I once more caught sight of my guide.

I learned that there are dangers in following, especially on crowded freeways. I’ve noticed similar dangers in following our Good Shepherd.

A couple of times I narrowed my focus on the red truck in front of me to the extreme and lost sight of other drivers, failing to make space for them. They jolted me into awareness with blaring horns or angry gestures.

In those moments I had to take a deep breath and make space for other drivers even if it meant losing sight of that one red truck ahead. My husband was looking out his rearview mirror and could see me, even when I lost sight of him. I had to trust that he would wait for me when necessary because not only was I following, but he was leading.

Dear reader, have fellow travelers jolted you with their anger because you were so focussed on following the right way that you lost sight of them? It’s humbling to admit how many times this happens to me.

Take a deep breath and let go of all worry, distress, or panic. Your Good Shepherd is leading you. Even when you lose your way, He waits for you. What’s more, when necessary he goes after you, carrying you back to a safe place.

My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

John 10:27

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