Houston for the Holidays & Beyond

On the first Sunday of Advent we began negotiations with the buyer of our Phoenix house. We also made an offer to buy a home in Southeast Houston just two doors down from Cana and Ennie. Both sales are now complete and our new adventure has begun!

We filled two vehicles and a trailer and arrived in Houston December 19th. That last sentence is way too concise for the work involved!

We have began the massive undertaking of cleaning our new home, to make it our own. In the midst of layers of dust and dog hair, we’ve found some treasures and surprises; a unique embellished tea service, an old electric sewing machine in its wooden box, a couple of R. Atkinson Fox prints in lovely old frames.

All such treasures pale in light of this season’s greatest gift. Perhaps we best receive the gift of the Incarnation when we know Christ in all those around us. I find it easiest to find Him in the smallest among us, especially this time of year when I contemplate the infant God suckled by his mother and laid in a manger.

EvanMarie Immaculée Hickman, our ninth grandchild was born to Cana and Ennie on December 21st. We are all smitten with her beauty and sweetness.

Prayer around the advent wreath was messier than usual this evening, mostly due to the antics of an exhausted two-year-old who rallied in the most adorable way when it was his turn to snuff the candles.

There’s something about the light in his eyes as he concentrates all his energy to lower the snuffer over the burning flame. The candles illumine his almost shy smile, an expression of unmistakeable pleasure at the great task that he, in his smallness, has been entrusted with.

I can hardly believe I’ve been entrusted with the gift of being here to bear witness to such light.

For you, LORD, give light to my lamp;

my God brightens my darkness.

Psalm 18:29 NABRE

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita says:

    Lani, Thank you for writing the blog, I’m very happy and very thankful to be able to see what your move and new life is like.
    love and blessings
    Anita H-M


    1. lanibogart says:

      I’m so happy to know you’re reading it, Anita. Many blessings on you and your whole family.❤️


    2. Shirl koneke says:

      Merry Christmas and a happy new year. So happy you are able sell your phoenix home and follow your dreams to Houston. Congrats on the new grandbaby.. thanks for the blog


  2. Mary Gibson says:

    Dear, dear Lani and Deacon Doug! I have happiness and loneliness going on here. How I love you both! You both have enriched my life and I am so thankful. May we keep in touch? May the graces continue to fall on your family!


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