4th of July at the Phoenix Zoo

This morning Doug and I got up early and headed to the Zoo before it was too hot to enjoy it.

I felt grateful for the transparent barrier that allowed us to get close to the majestic Sumra Tiger.

We spent a good while watching the orangutans. A couple (married 54 years) serving as docents in an enclosed and cooled area shared lots of interesting facts about the history of the orangutans at the Zoo.

It’s easy to see why orangutans are so popular. With hands and feet rather than paws or hooves I admit I expect them to behave more humanly than they do.

This picture is of Bess. Her gaze unsettled me a bit. I wonder if she was as fascinated by me as I was by her.

Though it’s not my favorite, Doug talked me into walking through the reptile pavilion before we left. I was glad he did because a rattlesnake which looked much like this one was about to give birth. The zookeeper couldn’t predict how long it would be, but he was staying close by hoping to witness the live birth of a rattlesnake in captivity on Independence Day.

Evan loved the Zoo and he’d appreciate the irony in that last sentence. So, I will leave it for him.

Happy Independence Day, dear Reader!

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