Flooded, Deluged, Inundated

Evan, age 7 at the beach in Guatemala

When I began this blog I liked the word, “inundated” and having very little idea what it meant, I relished the notion of being submerged in, flooded with, and totally overwhelmed with Love.

The suffering of Evan’s death is changing me. From the moment I first heard the news. Sorrow cut chasms into my inmost being, carving out sometimes shockingly raw spaces to receive any and all who knew, loved and grieved Evan. Family, friends, and strangers appeared, eyes full of tears and unconditional love. I couldn’t even greet them properly. Yet, they were most welcome.

We’ve received countless words of sympathy and kindness via texts, cards, letters, and many promises of prayer. Evan’s friends’ and family members’ willingness to share their own grief is, to me, an amazing expression of love, since it demands a certain measure of previously unproven trust.

There are also people who never knew Evan, but know one of his siblings, or one of his dear friends, or who know us. Some were friends of friends. Family, friends, distant relatives and strangers sent funds to help pay for his funeral, others brought food or transported people from the airport. There are too many random acts of kindness to mention. I’m sure I’m not even aware of them all and my head spins just trying to recall. It would be impossible for me to ever repay them.

There is nothing to fear, for in the midst of unspeakable sorrow, we are flooded, deluged, and inundated with Love.

-Lani Bogart

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  1. Barbie Glab says:

    This is so beautiful!! The pain and loss you have suffered is unimaginable but I find strength in your kindness and support. You are a blessing to so many people. And I’m sure that your son was too I did not know him but reading everything that you wrote about him he sounds amazing. Blessings and continuing to pray for you and Doug


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