Anesthesia, Grief & Healing

It’s tricky to get the right amount of anesthesia.

Too much is harmful. Not enough and the pain is overwhelming.

Anesthetized, we lose consciousness, yet don’t rest. The pain is numbed but the wound remains.

The line between need and harmful excess is not easily definable.

Ice cream sweetly distracts from pain, one scoop at a time.

Still, healing progresses in proportion to love given and received, to tears witnessed or silently shed, to memories shared and new joys discovered.

Evan and I talked about stuff like this. Oh, how I miss our conversations!

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  1. Sharon Burkitt says:

    It is an honor to share in your grief (which is love, after all). Keep writing about Evan so that I may know him better.


  2. Jan Russell says:

    Those are very apt descriptions Lani. Each day is a new balancing act. Do what you need to do, at your own pace. I think of you often.


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