Love is Risky. Love Anyway.

Newlyweds July 1976

We started out completely lost in each other. I only knew his love for me. It was as if nothing else existed. Sometimes it seemed my heart would explode at the sound of his voice or the sight of his loving gaze. And even though I’d been warned the feelings would fade, I set aside such thoughts and allowed myself to be swept away for as long as it lasted.

Now, 45 years later, we remember those early days, grateful for the oceans of grace and mercy that buoyed us through stupid decisions, ignorant ideas, disappointments and surprises.

We know so much more these days; years of experience visible underneath both our belts and our hats.

Even though we’ve been warned of the ominous dangers of failing health in old age, of an unpredictable economy and undependable construction workers. I’m setting aside such thoughts and allowing myself to be swept away once more in a love that conquers fears.

October 2021

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  1. Sharon Burkitt says:

    How wonderful that you have not lost your youthful optimism. YOU GO, GIRL!!


  2. lanibogart says:

    Thank you, Sharon! You embody youthful optimism and are an inspiration to me!


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