Grasping after Beauty



How elusive all the most beautiful experiences of life are! When we try to capture them, to possess them, to grasp them to ourselves we cannot.

Maybe that’s why we take so many photos and share them with friends whom we hope will have eyes to see.

I have been gifted with countless moments of exquisite beauty! One of the best is holding each of our babies; perfect little bodies snuggled against mine! But, there is no way to grasp the beauty of such moments, to make them endure. Now all my babies are grown. One, with children of her own. Should I try to hang onto a fleeting experience of the past, I would surely miss the beauty of today.

Rather than grasping, I want to open empty hands to receive the beauties of this moment, this day.

Jesus, the Beautiful One, “did not regard equality with God something to be grasped. Rather he emptied himself. . .”  


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