Surprised by Running

I had no idea that it was possible for an old lady, (born in 1956) like me who hasn’t run since 6th grade to enjoy running. But, amazingly, I do!

Running is one of the best gifts I’ve received from God lately.

He used my friend Michelle to coax me into it. “Come on . . . we only have to run 60 seconds before taking a 90-second walking break. Pleeeeease, do it with me.”
I wasn’t sure she was telling me the whole story, but at least 60 seconds seemed within the realm of possibility. I figured after she saw what a wimp I am, she would give up on me. My begrudging “okay” was the only thing I brought to it. Well . . . I did get up early, but only because it was August in Phoenix.

Now we run for 30 minutes a day three days a week, and even if she can’t run with me, I run by myself. I never imagined this was possible. It has been a most unexpected gift. So, my next few posts will likely be my musings while running.


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